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Staff Geology

Visiting lecturers

NameTasks/Research AreasPhone

Head of Department of General Geology and Structural Geology

Prof. Thomas Kenkmann Chair in geology, structural geology, impact geology 203-6495

Adjunct Professors

Prof. Andreas Hoppe    
Prof. Frank Schäfer Ernst-Mach-Institut, Freiburg  

Academic Staff

Dr. Matthias Ebert Post-Doc, DFG-project 203-7604
Dr. Michael Poelchau Structural geology, impact geology 203-6478
Dr. Mohamed Sobh Remote Sensing and GIS 203-7605
Dr. Sebastian Sturm Post-Doc, DFG-project 203-6491
Dr. Heike Ulmer Administration, student advisory service, library 203-6480
Dr. Matthias Geyer  
PD Dr. Ursula Leppig 203-6484

Ph.D. students

Namitha Rose Baby In collaboration with DLR Berlin
Oguzcan Karagöz DAAD Scholarship 203-6477
Rebecca Winkler  

Technical and administrative staff

Dagmar Flemming Preparator  203-6475
Herbert Ickler Preparator 203-6481
Gordon Mette Preparator 203-6487
Florian Müller Technical assistant 203-6475
Susanne Schuble Librarian 203-6419
Manuela Tombrink Office management 203-6494
Alexandra Wicke Administration of student affairs 203-6398

Student assistants

Akin Domaç 203-6477
Silvio Mastrogiovanni Computer pool 203-6498
Carina Poetsch  
Antonia Veitengruber
Sebastian Weygoldt

Cleaning Services

Slavica Drndelic-Eich
Ludmilla Schäfer

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From left to right. Front row: Tim Krüger, Ruprecht Zwießler, Michael Poelchau. Middle row: Jakob Wilk, Scott Mc Lin, Dagmar Flemming, Ursula Leppig, Manuela Tombrink, Slavica Drndelic-Eich, Heike Ulmer, Eva-Regine Carl. Back row: Gerwin Wulf, Stefan Hergarten, Herbert Ickler, Matthias Ebert, Rebecca Winkler, Florian Müller. Top: Thomas Kenkmann.

Albertstr. 23-B, D-79104 Freiburg i. Br.
Tel.: +49-(0)761-203-6494 (Secretary)
Fax: +49-(0)761-203-6496